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A Guide to Second-hand Software

Let's examine the facts and dispel the myths regarding the legalities of the secondary software licence industry.

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Legalities of European Secondary Software Market Affirmed

European Court of Justice sets precedent with landmark decision. Intangible / Digital software can be resold regardless of software manufacturer's terms and conditions…

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Trade In Your Disused Software Licences!

Discount-Licensing can offer your company an immediate residual value for your disused or surplus software assets. For a free valuation, use the Quick Enquiry or fill in our procurement contact form.

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Buying pre-owned Microsoft software is easy!

Discount Licensing's Easy Four-Step Licence Procurement Process

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Discount Licensing, partnering with your business to supply second-hand software licenses.
Testimonials from Second-Hand Software License Customers.
Discount Licensing, partnering with your business to supply second-hand software licenses.

Welcome to

Discount-Licensing's core business is to identify disused / surplus Microsoft 'Volume' software licences ('Select' / 'Open' / 'Enterprise') from European (EEA) solvent and insolvent organisations, which are then sold/transferred at discounted rates to businesses whom are growing, migrating or experiencing a licence shortfall. 

Our business warrants that all software licences purchased from Discount-Licensing Ltd have been first put into use within the EEA region and we will provide proof of ownership for every purchase / sale in accordance with the EU Software Directive 2009/24/EC.

Testimonials from Second-Hand Software License Customers.

I first came across Discount-Licensing over 10 years ago when I needed a cost-effective licensing solution as part of a management buy-out project. Their service has always been friendly and helpful & their licensing knowledge and independent advice has frequently helped me make huge savings compared to the conventional Microsoft resellers.

Discount-Licensing always strives to supply our company with Microsoft software licences at the most affordable prices in the market.  Its model is open / transparent and the sales team is extremely knowledgeable - they will always do their best to source the licences in timely manner if not currently in stock.

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Jonathan Wheelhouse
Head of Solutions & Infrastructure
Camira Fabrics Ltd

IT Director - ​Worldmark