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A Guide to Second-hand Software

Let's examine the facts and dispel the myths regarding the legalities of the secondary software licence industry.

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Legalities of European Secondary Software Market Affirmed

European Court of Justice sets precedent with landmark decision. Intangible / Digital software can be resold regardless of software manufacturer's terms and conditions…

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Trade In Your Disused Software Licences!

Discount-Licensing can offer your company an immediate residual value for your disused or surplus software assets. For a free valuation, use the Quick Enquiry or fill in our procurement contact form.

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Sell / Trade-In Software

Discount-Licensing Limited offers an ‘all in one’ solution for realising a value from your disused Microsoft perpetual volume software licences in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. By selling / trading in / divesting your disused Microsoft software assets, your company can recapitalise its initial investment and use the funds to reinvest in the business.

There are many reasons why your company may have software licences that it no longer uses or needs: A move to the Cloud, reduced headcount, merger, acquisition or you may have migrated to a more recent version leaving your old licences behind.

Before we are able to make a formal offer to purchase your disused / surplus Microsoft volume software assets, we must be able to check that the software is legally transferable. The following information will be required and is obtainable from the Volume Licence Service Centre and/or a Microsoft Licensing Statement.

1. What licences do you wish to sell? (Product, Version, Edition & Quantity)

2. What type of licences do you have to sell? (Enterprise, Select, MPSA or Open)

3. What is the company name of the licence holder? (Name on agreement)

4. Which country(s) were the agreement(s) purchased and where were the licences first 'put to use'?

5. When are your disused Microsoft software licences available to sell?

If you have surplus software, please complete our Procurement Enquiry Form or alternatively call / email us today.

Tel: +44(0)1283 511524